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15 DIY Clothes for Kids You Should Make

Love to make DIY clothes? Don't forget to make clothes for kids. If you're looking for cheap clothes for kids, why not make one yourself? I've rounded us some cute and easy DIY clothing projects so you can dress up your little ones any way you like!

Clothes for Kids | DIY Clothes

Got kids? If you have or have a little niece, nephew, or grand kid, then I'm sure want to spoil them with adorable and cool clothes. Even kids' clothes now are expensive. As much as we would want to give them everything, not everything can fit our budget. So my solution, make DIY clothes! Check out this list of cool clothes for kids they'll want to wear all the time!


1. Tutu Skirt

For your ballerina or a little girl who just loves to play dress up. This is an easy tutorial on how to make a tutu. The best part is, you don't have to sew. Click here to read more!


2. Bleached Out Tees

Children can be picky. Have them help you make their own shirt design with this DIY shirt. Click here for the easy steps!


3. DIY Two-Color Leggings

Make leggings more fun by making it in two colors. I'm sure your little girl will love this DIY clothes! Click here for the tutorial!


4. Pillow Case Dress

This is one cheap clothes for kids. Have you ever wondered what you can do about old pillow cases you don't use anymore? Make it into a really cute pillow case dress! Click here for the steps!


5. Dinosaur Shirt

Turn a plain t shirt into something your little boy adores, dinosaur! This is an easy sewing project that will make them smile. Click here for the tutorial!


6. The 10-Minute Skirt

Repurpose old shirts into cute little skirts you can make in a flash. I'm sure you can make skirts your little girl can wear for an entire week. Click here for the instructions!


7. DIY Sweggings

Odd name? It's because it's a cool DIY sewing project you can make from the sleeves of an old sweater. Click here for the tutorial!


8. Baby Boy Cardigan Onesie

Who says your baby can't be stylish. With this DIY clothing, he'll look all grown up right before your eyes. Click here for the steps!


9. DIY Raincoat

Make a raincoat so stylish that it looks like a dress. Take a cheap shower curtain and start sewing! Click her for the tutorial!


10. Bot Top

For your little boy who is fascinated with robots, this is the DIY shirt for him. Click here to find out how it's made!


11. Ruffle Top

Who says ruffles are complicated. This DIY clothes tutorial will show you how you can make this adorable ruffle top for your little girl. And if you want to make one for yourself, go ahead! Click here for the tutorial!


12. Sweats to Skirt

If your little girl has sweats she rarely wears, turn it into a fashionable skirt! Find out how here!


13. Easy Ruffled T-shirt Scarf

Don't you just love to upcycle? Here's a great sewing project you can make. It's so easy yet really stylish! Click here for the steps!


14. DIY Suspenders

Make your boy look like a little man with this quick and easy mock suspenders. Click here for the instructions!


15. Bandanna Skirt

Do you also love the pattern on bandannas? I just love how colorful they are and this DIY skirt would look perfect on any girl. Click here to see how you can make one!


Which of these clothes for kids are you planning to recreate? Let us know how it goes in the comments section below!

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