36 Thoughtful Homemade Mother’s Day Gift Ideas *Updated*

by Friday, April 15, 2016

Looking for some good Mother’s Day gifts? If you can’t decide what gift to give Mom this year, this list of homemade Mother’s Day gifts will help you out. Make your Mom feel extra special this year with these thoughtful gifts for mom.36 Thoughtful DIY Mothers Day Gifts | http://diyready.com/diy-gifts-mothers-day-ideas/

Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts | Gifts for Mom


Mother’s Day is almost here. Not to be materialistic but I’m really excited with what gift my kids will give me this year. Honestly, it’s okay if they don’t give me anything but for the past couple of years, they’ve been making adorable homemade Mother’s Day gifts that just melts my heart. I’m just excited that my kids are learning to be crafty and they show it with the creative DIY gifts that they give me each year.

As a Mom, I’ve been teaching my kids to be frugal and that the cost of an item doesn’t really count. If you want to be thoughtful this Mother’s Day, try making any one of these Mother’s Day gift ideas I’ve rounded up. I’m sure any Mom will say she’s so lucky to have you as a son or daughter.


1. DIY Mommy Survival Kit

Help your Mom survive another year of caring for the whole family with a DIY survival kit. Click here to read more!


2. Printable Mother’s Day Coupon

From breakfast in bed to choice of chore, I’m sure any Mom would love to get this. Get the printable here.


3. DIY Yarn Photo Frame

There’s nothing better than a picture of you and Mom in a DIY photo frame. See how you can make this.


4. Homemade Sugar Scrub

Let your Mom relax in a soothing bath with this homemade sugar scrub. Get the recipe here.


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5. Personalized Tote Bag

Make a tote bag two ways that she will want to use everyday. Click here to read more!


6. Hand Print Bouquet

A great gift idea the little kids can make. A bouquet of colorful hand prints, what more can a mother ask for? Check it out here.


7. DIY Beaded Bracelets

Spoil your Mom with some DIY bracelets she’ll love to wear everyday. Click here to read more!


8. Paper Flower and Upcycled Tin

Give her a little something that will last forever. Get the tutorial here.


9. Stunning DIY Necklaces

Does your Mom have a necklace collection? Make a DIY necklace to add to her collection. Click here to read more!


10. Homemade Stress-Relieving Foot Soak

You just can’t imagine how much stress a Mom gets in a day. Give her a stress-free Mother’s Day with this homemade foot soak. Check it out here.


11. DIY Candles

To add a little mood to relieve Mom’s stress throw in a DIY candle. Click here to read more!


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Mothers Day Quoe Sophia Loren

12. Mason Jar Picture Frame Vase

A vase of fresh flowers with your picture in it? That’s the ultimate Mother’s Day gift. Get the instructions here.


13. Write Mom a Sweet or Silly Mother’s Day Poem

Create A Mother's Day Poem


This mad libs poem generator is so adorable! You’ll love filling it out, and she’ll love reading it. Click here to create your own!


14. Lavender Chamomile Tea Soap

Make these easy DIY soaps that your Mother will surely love. Get the recipe here.


15. DIY Bow Pillow Covers

You can’t always be around to give your Mom a hug, so why not give here these adorable DIY pillows. Click here to read more!


16. Love U Hand Prints

A gift idea the little ones can make. Ask Dad to help with the paint and the frame to keep it a surprise. Check it out here.


17. Make Mom Brunch!

homemade brunch for mothers day

image via

Every good Mom deserves a good brunch. You’ll love these 25 Brunch ideas! 


18. Hand Print Mugs

Creative DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas from Children | http://diyready.com/diy-gifts-mothers-day-ideas/

via BHG

A super easy gift idea toddlers can make for Mom. Check it out here.


19. Thumbprint Family Tree

Almost all Moms are sentimental. Print out this tree and make it a thumbprint family tree. See how here.


20. DIY Magnets

This would look great on the fridge or anywhere you can put them on. Get the tutorial here.


21. DIY Paper Flower Corsage

Make your Mom feel special with this DIY paper flower corsage. Check it out here.


22. DIY Tile Photo Coasters

Give lovely memories your mother she can always see in the kitchen. Get the tutorial here.


23. Instagram Sachets and Bean Bags

Adorable little sachets and bean bags that will hold so much memories. Check it out here.


24. Recipe Holder

Does your mom love to cook? I’m sure there’s always new recipes she loves to try, make this for her. Get the instructions here.


25. Mother’s Day Plaque

Remind Mom how truly awesome she is with this DIY wall art. Get the steps here.


26. DIY Photo Lampshade

It’s never enough to just have photos in the bedside table, it should also be in a lampshade! Check it out here.


27. Polka Dot and Leather Fold Over Clutch

Are you up for a little sewing project? Make your mother a beautiful clutch. Get the tutorial here.


28. Salt Dough Foot Print Heart

Something any Mom would cherish forever. Even the kids will have a great time making this Mother’s Day gift. Check it out here.


29. Mother’s Day Board

I’m sure you feel the same way about your Mom. Make her one with this tutorial.


30. IKEA Hack Pom Pom Blanket

Give your Mom more reasons to take it easy and have a little rest. See how to make it here.


31. DIY iPhone Photo Case Cover

Here’s a great DIY project where you can have your favorite photos not just in your phone but on your phone. Get the tutorial here.


32. Mother’s Day Food Bouquet

Moms need a little treat too. Make her this edible bouquet! See how here.


33. DIY Jewelry Box

Surprise her with a jewelry box with some handmade jewelry. Get the instructions here.


34. Wine and Chocolate Gift Basket

Any Mom would agree, this is the best gift basket anyone can get for Mother’s Day. See it here.


35. Hand Print Apron

Mom will cook more when you give her this beautiful apron. Check it out here.


36. 52 Things I love About You

If you’re having a hard time saying you love her, try to write it down. See it here.



Did you enjoy our list of homemade Mother’s Day gifts? Let us know in the comments section below what your thoughts are on these Mother’s Day gift ideas.


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