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Make Your own Infinity Cardigan-DIY


Infinity cardigans are not only stylish, but super convenient. They can easily transition from day to night, and are perfect for casual outfits or even work attire. The great news is that they are easy to create as well. Read on for tutorial!


DIY Infinity Cardigan Tutorial: This is the Infinity Cardigan that inspired me to make this



Here’s How To Make an Infinity Cardigan:

Materials Needed:

  • 1.5 yards of medium-weight knit (Mine just happened to be reversible)
  • Tailor’s chalk
  • Super sharp fabric scissors
  • Pins, pins, pins!

Stitches used:

  • Zigzag stitch for arms
  • Zigzag stitch for cuffs
  • straight stitch for neckline hem

Step 1:

First, I draped the fabric over my brand new dress form.

I cut the length I wanted for the cardi (forgot to take a pic!)

Step 2:

Then I cut out the sleeves using an existing shirt pattern.  Pin the sides, right sides together.

Cut out your sleeves using an existing shirt pattern, then pin the sides.

Step 3:

Try on the sleeves to make sure it’s the right length, opening size.  I’m making this for my friend, so I’m crossing my fingers that it’ll fit!

DIY Infinity Cardigan: Try on the sleeves to make sure they fit. My friend’s arms are long, so this is a good length.


Step 4:

Then I cut traced and cut out the arm holes.

Trace and cut the arm holes. Use your chalk markings. (not shown in photo)

It’s hard to see my chalk markings.  Maybe I should invest in a better camera? ^_^

Step 5:

Next, I pinned and sewed the sleeves to the body of the cardigan.

DIY Infinity Cardigan: Pin and sew the sleeves to the body of the cardigan

Step 6:

Now, it’s time to hem!

 I did a double fold on the hem because of the “infinity-ness” of the cardigan.  It needs to look good from all angles, and a raw edged, traditional hem simply will not do.
DIY Infinity Cardigan: This is what my finished cardigan looks like.

I thought it would be cute with the cuffed sleeve showing the cool reversible fabric.

Voila!  That’s it!

So easy!

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