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Cute Gifts To Make For Her

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Thinking of what cute gifts to make for her? If you want to give your loved one something special this Valentine’s Day, you’ll never go wrong with homemade!

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Cute Gifts to Make for Her on Valentine’s Day

Romantic Homemade Gifts to Make for Her

Valentine’s Day is the time for making your significant other feel special. For me, there’s nothing more special than giving her something you made.

I’m not really the type of woman who wants expensive stuff, and I’m sure your special lady is too. If she’s the type, your girlfriend will appreciate creative handmade gifts more than a last-minute necklace.

If you want some ideas that show your love and care for her, you can’t go wrong with these cute gifts. Take your pick here!

1. Love Coupon Book


There are different languages of love, some people appreciate simple acts of love more.

Show how much you love her by giving her this coupon book she can use anytime. You can include unique or cheeky ones she can take advantage of any time.

2. Valentine’s Day Card

When you don’t know what to say, say it with a card. Cards are easy handmade gifts to show how much you love your significant other.

Don’t know how to start making one? Get tons of ideas here.

3. Fruit Leathers


Does your special lady have a sweet tooth? Skip the chocolates and give her these healthy homemade fruit leathers instead.

They are definitely creative gifts; you can either make them from scratch or buy them from an organic sweets shop.

You can just repackage them into cute little jars. She’ll definitely love them!

4. DIY Bath Bombs


One of the best homemade romantic gifts for girlfriends boyfriends can give is a special pampering session for stress relief. So why not let her soak in a tub with some aromatic bath bombs?

Make them in any color and shape you want. A heart shape will be best.

5. Glitter Snowglobe

Girls love glitter and sparkly snow globes would be adorable creative things to make for your girlfriend.

It’s super easy to make, too. This is also a great last minute gift idea (don’t worry, I won’t tell).

6. Ultimate Date Jar


If you’ve been together for a long time, you might have already exhausted all the homemade gifts for her that you could find for Valentine’s Day and other important days. So go on cute dates instead!

But, are you running out of ideas for a date?

Then make a date jar for her! I’m sure she’ll love this so much!

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7. DIY Necklace


Did you go on a memorable vacation? Turn a keepsake into DIY love gifts for her!

Give her something she’ll always remember you by with a cute necklace.

8. DIY Beaded Bracelet


Since you’re giving her a DIY necklace, why not match it with a beaded bracelet as well? This may not be one of the more simple romantic gift ideas for her, but she’ll definitely love your effort!

9. Cozy Slippers Gift Idea


Who doesn’t love a pair of cozy slippers with little trinkets?

Although you’ll be buying the slippers, you can personalize what you put in it to make it one cute DIY gift project for her in your arsenal. These are perfect gifts to make for her.

10. Heart Headphone Cord Wrap


If you plan on grabbing new headphones for her, turn it into a DIY romantic gift for her with this cute cord wrapper! Wrap it in a heart!

11. DIY Pineapple Wine Bottle Gift


Whoever said pineapples aren’t romantic? Add in some chocolates and your girl’s favorite champagne and this pineapple will become one of your best creative candy gifts ideas ever!

Still have time for more cute gift ideas? Check out this one from Fluffy Hedgehog:

Your Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg. Try these simple yet thoughtful DIY gifts for her to make her smile and love you some more!

So which one of these cute gifts will you make for her? Let us know in the comments section below!



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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on February 8, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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