DIY Wine Cork Crafts

By on January 19, 2015


Did you know that there are so many uses for your old wine corks? The “cork art” craze has been exploding lately so we wanted to feature our favorite cork projects that you can easily make at home. The more complex projects will use a significant amount of wine corks so make sure every time you have a bottle of wine you save the cork! There are tons of great things that you can use them for even if you aren’t making wine cork crafts. You can easily make cork walkways, cork tables, and corn signs with these tutorials that we’ve featured below. Do you have a favorite cork project that you’d like to share with us?

Please leave feedback in the comments section below and we’ll be sure to add it to our list! Any interesting stories or fails while attempting wine cork crafts are appreciated. We like to hear about those too! Wine corks are used for multiple purposes. Did you also know that Cork’s bubble-form structure and natural fire resistance make it suitable for insulation in house walls, floors, ceilings and facades? Awesome. Here’s a few of our favorite projects.

1. Honey Comb Wine Drink Coasters

wine-cork-crafts-wine-corks-wine-cork-wreath-wine-cork-board-cork-crafts-wine-cork-projects-wine-cork-art-wine-cork-art via Lizzy Joe Designs on Etsy 

2. Cork Sign For Your Wine Rack

wine-cork-crafts-wine-corks-wine-cork-wreath-wine-cork-board-cork-crafts-wine-cork-projects-wine-cork-art-wine-cork-art This is a fun and clever idea to spruce up your wine selection. Obviously, you will need several corks to make this project to it is suggested that you start collecting. via Pinterest 

3. Cork Birdhouses

These are so cute! What a fabulous idea. We love how intricate each one of them is. There are lot’s of them floating around the internet and tutorials on how to make them! I cannot believe the craftsmanship from something as simple as wine corks. wine-cork-crafts-wine-corks-wine-cork-wreath-wine-cork-board-cork-crafts-wine-cork-projects-wine-cork-art-wine-cork-art Check out her awesome shop here: CarefullyCorkedCreastions 

4. Wine Cork Table Top

wine-cork-crafts-wine-corks-wine-cork-wreath-wine-cork-board-cork-crafts-wine-cork-projects-wine-cork-art-wine-cork-art wine-cork-crafts-wine-corks-wine-cork-wreath-wine-cork-board-cork-crafts-wine-cork-projects-wine-cork-art-wine-cork-art Deck out your bar with this fabulous wine cork idea. All you need is an old table and voila! You have this fabulous new table top. The best part? It’s all made from recycled materials. Never worry about your green initiative with this simple DIY craft project using old corks. via decorating obsessed 

5. Wine Cork Wreath

wine-cork-crafts-wine-corks-wine-cork-wreath-wine-cork-board-cork-crafts-wine-cork-projects-wine-cork-art-wine-cork-art wine-cork-crafts-wine-corks-wine-cork-wreath-wine-cork-board-cork-crafts-wine-cork-projects-wine-cork-art-wine-cork-art Looking for some clever door decor? Check out this beautiful wreath creation by ivingsavvy. We just absolutely love the placement of each of the corks to create a beautiful and intricate wreath. All you need is a little glue and some patience. Enjoy!

6. Wine Cork Succulent Plant Holder

I’ve  been meaning to make these for some time now, however, I have the most trouble keeping succulents afloat. Any advice? I think these cute little cork holders are just incredible. via upcycle that DIY Projects Using Wine Bottle Corks 12 wine-cork-crafts-wine-corks-wine-cork-wreath-wine-cork-board-cork-crafts-wine-cork-projects-wine-cork-art-wine-cork-art

 7. Wine Cork Jewelry Organizer

Every gal’ needs her jewelry organized and stored appropriately. I thought this idea was so clever and well done. It only takes a few moments to fashion together and the best part about it – it’s mostly free! via humble foodie wine-cork-crafts-wine-corks-wine-cork-wreath-wine-cork-board-cork-crafts-wine-cork-projects-wine-cork-art-wine-cork-art

8. Wine Cork Card Holders

This is a great idea for a wedding or even for the office. If you need a creative place to put your cards – check out how to make this awesome cork card holder. I love it! via hope studios blog wine-cork-crafts-wine-corks-wine-cork-wreath-wine-cork-board-cork-crafts-wine-cork-projects-wine-cork-art-wine-cork-art

9.  Wine Cork Key Organizers

Need a free key ring (well, almost free)? All you need is the keyring and you can make yourself an awesome up-cycled cork key organizer. via cleverly inspired wine-cork-crafts-wine-corks-wine-cork-wreath-wine-cork-board-cork-crafts-wine-cork-projects-wine-cork-art-wine-cork-art

10. Wine Cork Monogram

I think this could work perfectly for a child’s bedroom. Sometimes perusing Pinterest for hours has it’s perks. I really love the idea of maybe painting the corks too? You can definitely play with the idea and make it your own unique design. via Pinterest wine-cork-crafts-wine-corks-wine-cork-wreath-wine-cork-board-cork-crafts-wine-cork-projects-wine-cork-art-wine-cork-art

11. Make A Wine Cork Bottle Stopper

I always find myself needing one of these. For some reason, I never have one laying around even though they’re so cheap! I love the idea of using vintage door knobs as cork inserts. It reminds me of something Anthropologie would totally charge a lot of money for. Who needs that when you can DIY!? via anotherdamnwedding wine-cork-crafts-wine-corks-wine-cork-wreath-wine-cork-board-cork-crafts-wine-cork-projects-wine-cork-art-wine-cork-art

12. Make Wine Cork Thumb Tacks

Wine cork thumb tacks on a cork board? Seems like a cork overload but it actually looks pretty awesome. Check out how it’s done on The Wooden Bees’s blog below: via the wooden bee wine-cork-crafts-wine-corks-wine-cork-wreath-wine-cork-board-cork-crafts-wine-cork-projects-wine-cork-art-wine-cork-art

13. Wine Cork Cheese Spreaders

If you’re a cheese connoisseur, you must try to make these! I love the idea and I’ve seen them being sold for much more than the cost of making them yourself. What better to pair with your cheese than wine? via yarnigras blog wine-cork-crafts-wine-corks-wine-cork-wreath-wine-cork-board-cork-crafts-wine-cork-projects-wine-cork-art-wine-cork-art wine-cork-crafts-wine-corks-wine-cork-wreath-wine-cork-board-cork-crafts-wine-cork-projects-wine-cork-art-wine-cork-art

14. Make A Wine Cork Floor Mat

It makes sense to concoct a mat out of wine corks. To be honest, it didn’t make sense until I realized that corks are not slippery and will grip nicely to tile. You’ll never worry about slipping out of the bathtub again! via crafty nest wine-cork-crafts-wine-corks-wine-cork-wreath-wine-cork-board-cork-crafts-wine-cork-projects-wine-cork-art-wine-cork-art

15. Make Herb Garden Skewers

Playing off the idea of those little signs you see tucked away in plants at your local garden center I take it! Very clever. Now you don’t have to worry about your garden becoming unorganized ever again! These would make fantastic little gifts for Mother’s Day or just for a fellow gardener. via shine your light wine-cork-crafts-wine-corks-wine-cork-wreath-wine-cork-board-cork-crafts-wine-cork-projects-wine-cork-art-wine-cork-art

That about wraps up our wine cork craft projects! Did I miss something? Let me know what you think in the comments section below. Pin It to Pinterest so you can share the projects that you like with friends.

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  2. Daniel Baugh III

    May 20, 2014 at 9:10 pm

    How about wine cork corn-on-the-cob holders? Much like the cheese spreaders, but with two prongs. Use stainless steel finishing nails with the heads cut off, or straight stiff stainless wire sharpened a little on one end, and epoxy into tight fitting holes drilled in the cork. Or, use bamboo skewers glued in with wood glue for a greener, even safer method.

    If your saucepan lid has the right kind of handle (flattened u-shaped, hoop, etc, not solid) a couple or three corks that fit tightly in it make a nice cool-touch handle. We have one that has lasted years, even with the dishwasher.

    • Renee Romeo

      Renee Romeo

      May 27, 2014 at 11:17 am

      Hi Daniel!

      That’s a lovely idea! Would love to feature.

      Thanks for the thoughts. :)


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  4. Marie

    January 22, 2015 at 10:29 am

    Hi! Great tutorials & ideas. I wanted to know where I could get so many corks other than buying them. For me to save up enough for a bath mat would take a very long time. Any suggestions? Thanks, Marie

    • George

      January 23, 2015 at 5:25 am

      I make friends with bartenders at local restaurants. They are nice enough to save corks from wine bottles for me, and I go by and pick them up maybe twice a month. Naturally, I order a drink or two and remember to tip them good. They don’t forget me. In the past I have sold them on eBay for a profit.

    • TGJones

      January 23, 2015 at 12:59 pm

      I ordered a box off of ebay of 200 corks…with s&h only paid around $30.00 for the entire thing. I have made 2 wreaths, 3 trivets, ceiling fan pulls and still have tons left! I’d try ebay or Amazon also.

  5. Terry Veal

    January 23, 2015 at 11:18 am

    I did a split cork backsplash behind the stove and under the cabinet. Turned out great> Picture is in pinterest under my name. I work for a Central Coast Winery (Talley Vineyards) so I have a great supply chain for new unused corks. I have also done cork trivets for great Christmas presents.

    • Terri

      February 22, 2015 at 5:21 pm

      Hi Terry
      I recently painted my kitchen walls and on the main wall I outlined a big square a different color. I want to outline the square with corks. My thing is I want to be able to remove them later if I wish. I tried tacky stuff figuring it wouldn’t be a permanent stick. I only used one circle per cork so that may be why they fell off the wall ha.. but I wanted to know what you used for behind your stove please so I can finish my wall. did you use permanent glue? can you please tell me what I can use but also will let me remove the corks? thank you much Terri

  6. annalise

    January 26, 2015 at 3:06 am

    you make really cool things i have made almost every think and it’s turned out great following your instructions

    • Rynna Machate

      Rynna Machate

      January 29, 2015 at 10:38 am

      We’re so glad you liked them Annalise.

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