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PVC Airsoft Machine Gun

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We made improvements to our soda bottle airsoft gun and used PVC in this design.


How to Build A PVC Airsoft Gun:

We really liked the soda bottle airsoft gun, we we decided to try making some improvements. This design looks more like a gun and is much easier to load with ammunition.

Watch the video to see how it it works and how we made it:


Supplies and Parts for DIY PVC Airsoft Machine Gun:

1.5 foot cut piece of 2” pvc pipe

one (1) 2” glue on pvc cap

1 glue on threaded pvc cap

1 pipe for barrel

1 air compressor nozzle kit

Airsoft bb’s



DIY PVC Airsoft Gun: Supplies you need to make this gun: PVC Pipe and cap, threaded cap, pipe, and air compressor nozzle


Tools Needed for DIY PVC Airsoft Gun:


Hot glue gun


Needle nose pliers

Air compressor


Step 1:

Cut 2’ pipe at 1’.5 length. Save remaining piece of pipe for the handle.


Step 2:

Depending on the width of the barrel, drill a hole that will accommodate your barrel in the center of the 2” cap.


Step 3:

Hot glue the barrel to the cap, leaving a minimum 1.5” space from the rear of the gun.


Step 4:

Approximately 3” from the rear of the gun, drill a hole to fit your air nozzle through. The air nozzle tip should unscrew into two parts. Insert the air nozzle tip through the hole. Then using the needle nose pliers, hold the other part inside the pipe, and screw them together. Make sure your seal is tight. Hot glue can be used to seal any gaps.


The air nozzle tip should unscrew into two parts. Insert the air nozzle tip through the hole.



Step 5:

Add the threaded cap.



Add the threaded cap to your PVC airsoft gun

Step 6:

The remainder of the pipe that you cut, can be shaped and slotted to slid over the housing of the nozzle, leaving the trigger sticking out. Hot glue the handle to the main body.


Make a cut in the shorter piece of pipe that looks like this, so the compressor handle will fit inside



Test. Unthread the cap, add bb’s, seal the cap, plug into air compressor and test it. Make adjustments as needed.



You need to hook your gun up to an air compressor. The stronger the compressor, the better your gun will shoot.


This is our target after shooting our PVC airsoft gun. Pretty cool!

Watch the video to see how to make this PVC Airsoft Gun:

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