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by Monday, April 20, 2015

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Want some wine cork crafts and projects to work on? If you don’t have any idea with what to do with your wine cork collection, don’t worry. This list of wine cork crafts will give you tons of options to choose from.


Wine Cork Crafts | Cool DIY Projects


I’m a moderate wine drinker. I only have a glass or two of wine at most and only sometimes during the weekend. That’s why when I checked my stash of wine corks, I was so surprised that I have so many already. I guess it must be because of friends and family who know that I collect them. So with all the wine corks that I have, my brain again switched to craft mode. There must be some new wine cork crafts that I haven’t tried yet.

I made some wine cork projects a few months back and they turned out absolutely lovely. You can check them out here. Now that it seems that my stash of wine corks are enough for another project, I just can’t help but look for new and fresh wine cork craft ideas to work on. So if you have a wine cork collection like me, this is a list I’m sure you’re going to enjoy.



1. DIY Ombre Cork Heart

Make this stunning DIY wall decor to show some love. I also love the ombre color! Check the tutorial here.


2. Wine Cork Trivet

Protect your tabletop when serving hot dishes with this easy to make trivet. Get the instructions here.


3. Easy Wine Cork Crafts

This would be a great craft project you can make for the kids. Make it in any shape you want! Check it here.


4. DIY Easy Monogram Earrings

Slice, paint and customize. You’ll love the different designs you can make with this feather-weight DIY earring. Get the steps here.


5. DIY Thread Spool Wine Corks

An easy and colorful way to take your wine stopper to the next level. Just wrap spools with thread and attach them to your wine corks. Brilliant! Check it out here.


6. Wine Cork Heel Stays

Never have an uh-oh moment with your heels with this ingenious DIY idea. See how you can make them here.


7. DIY Decorative Cork Balls

If you fancy decorative balls, you’ll love this idea. From a Styrofoam ball and some cork boards, you can make this beautiful DIY home decor. Get the tutorial here.


8. Cork Snake

Thinking about a toy that kids will love, make this cool cork snake. You can even have help out with the project by making them tie the strings. Check the steps here.


9. Wine Cork Vases

This is such a simple wine cork craft project anyone can make. Add the final touch to your room decoration with this project. Check it here.


10. Wine Cork Corkboard

Isn’t this such an obvious craft project you can make with wine corks? Get the steps here.


11. Cork State Wall Art

If you’ve seen and tried our DIY state string art, you better try making a state wall art with wine corks too. Check it out here.


12. Wine Cork Chandelier

This is a major upcycling project made from thinking outside the box. Who knew you can make a stunning home decor with a fan grate and wine corks. Get the tutorial here.


13. DIY Wine Cork Pendant

A DIY pendant that would make the perfect gift and craft project for teens. You may need to google translate but the pictures can guide you through the process. See it here.


14. DIY Cork Drawer Knobs

If you feel like you drawers need a new look, why not change the knobs. See how you can make cork knobs here.


15. Giraffe Cork Sculpture

Are you feeling artistic with your wine corks? Make this amazing giraffe cork sculpture in your free time. It will make a great room decor for the kids. Check it out here.


16. Cork Napkin Rings

A stylish and inexpensive way to make any dinner party special. Get the instructions here.


17. Wine Cork Key Chains

Great give away for parties and events. It’s inexpensive and super easy to make. It’s an amazing key chain to avoid losing your keys in the water. Get the tutorial here.


18. Wine Cork Candle Holders

Find out how you can make this super easy wine cork project that will make an amazing centerpiece. See how here.


19. Wine Cork Fairies

Little girls always love new and cute little toys. Make some fairy friends for your little ones with some corks and scrap. Check it out here.


20. Fridge Magnets

If you love sticking pictures in the fridge this is the cork project for you. See it here.


21. Wine Cork Topped Coffee Table

Tired of reminding everyone to use coasters on the coffee table? You never have to when you make this easy transformation to your coffee table. See it here.


22. Wine Cork Bag Closer

Did you know that you can use corks for a little life hack? Check it out here.


23. Washi Tape Wine Charms

Make these adorable wine charms for your next wine party. It’s sooo easy. Check it out here.


24. Wine Cork USB Flash Disk

Who ever said that crafting and technology can’t be combined? Check out this cool wine cork project.


25. Wine Cork Memories

Want something to just keep the memories? If you always have wine in your events, make the corks your DIY journal. See it here.


26. Easy Wine Cork Pendants

A chic and easy to make wine pendant you can make in just minutes. It’s so pretty it can match any outfit. Check it out here.


27. Adorable Pin Cushions

The instructions are in a different language but this project seems to be pretty direct. Paint or use a Sharpie to customize your wine cork and stick your pins in. It’s that simple. See it here.


28. Wine Cork Artwork

If you need a little wall motivation in your home, turn your favorite quote into artwork with some wine cork borders. Get the tutorial here.


29. Embroidered Cork Necklace

Want to make a new statement necklace for your collection? Try this embroidered necklace from wine corks. Get the steps here.


30. Wine Cork Basket

Breathe new life to a plain and boring picnic basket and make it look fantastic. Get the instructions here.


31. Wine Cork Escort Card Display

Wine Cork Craft IDeas and Projects | http://diyready.com/more-wine-cork-crafts-ideas/

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A great DIY project for weddings and other events. Get the tutorial here.


32. DIY Wine Cork Lampshade

Turn your next lighting project into a cool one with wine corks. Check it out here.


33. Lolly Stick Bi-Planes

Get your little ones into crafting with this easy DIY project that requires Popsicle sticks, wine corks, toothpicks and a glue gun. They’ll have so much fun making and playing with them. See it here.


34. Wine Cork Boats

The perfect kid’s craft for Summer. I’m sure they can even figure out a way to have their own cork boat race. Check it out here.


35. Wine Cork Shadow Box

Want a new home decor or gift idea to give your friends? Make this DIY shadow box from wine corks. Get the tutorial here.


36. Cork Photo Clips

A great giveaway or if you just want a cute and easy way to display your photos. Get the instructions here.


37. Wine Cork Characters

A super easy project for your crafty kids. You’ll just need some latex balloons, wine corks and markers. Your kid can draw any character she or he likes. See it here.


38. Wine Cork Candles

Do you know that you can easily make your wine corks into DIY candles? Just soak them in acetone alcohol for a week and light them up! Check it out here.


39. DIY Chalkboard with Wine Cork Border

Make your chalkboard special by adding wine cork borders. See how here.


40. DIY Wine Cork Placemat

It’s as easy as cutting and gluing. This would look great in your dining table. Get the instructions here.


41. DIY Wine Cork Tray

Great for entertaining or just adding a little accent to the room. Get the steps here.


42. DIY Ombre Necklace Rack

A fun way to get your necklaces organized. Make this chic necklace organizer for your room. Check it out here.


43. Reindeer Corks

It may be a little early for Christmas but this reindeer cork is just so cute. See how you can make one here.



Did you enjoy our list of wine cork crafts? Let us know in the comments section below what your thoughts are on these wine cork projects. Do you have any other craft projects you’d like to share? Share it with us and we’ll give it a try. We love doing cool DIY projects by making craft projects, home decor projects, upcycling ideas, recipes, tutorials and anything you can do yourself. That’s why we created this site, we want people to be more in touch with their creative side and realize that there’s a lot of things that they can do themselves. We’d love to hear from you and create a community of DIY enthusiasts where any project is just a click away. Stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!


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Hobby Lobby and Michaels sell bags of wine corks.

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Love the idea but I don’t drink wine….Wonder where I can get some.


[…] 43 More Wine Cork Crafts Ideas […]

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Whole Foods has a cork recycling box inside the front doors. They will let you have the donated corks for free.

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That’s the coolest news ever!!! I had no idea. Thanks for sharing!


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