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By on April 19, 2014

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DIY projects with your children are among the most nurturing activities.  What better way to be a role model  and learn together than working side-by-side? With this in mind, we’ve found 30 great DIY projects for both the home and outdoor setting. Take a look and find which simple projects inspire you and your little one(s) today!

1. Woven Pipe Cleaner Cans

easy-cheap-homemade-kids-crafts, diy-woven-pipe-cleaner-cans                       easy-cheap-homemade-kids-crafts-diy-woven-pipe-cleaner-cans      easy-cheap-homemade-kids-crafts-diy-woven-pipe-cleaner-cans
(via DIY Ready, click here for full tutorial)


2. Succulent Terrarium

easy-diy-project-how-to-make-succulent-terrarium- Easy-DIY-Projects-How-to-Make-a-Succulent-Terrariumkids-crafts-diy-terrarium

(via DIY Ready, click here for full tutorial)

2. Balloon Bowl

(via DIY Ready, click here for full tutorial)

4. Sci Fi Story Stones

DIY-Projects-For-Kids-Sci-Fi-Stones--children DIY-Projects-For-Kids-Sci-Fi-Stones--children DIY-Projects-For-Kids-Sci-Fi-Stones--children

(via Tried & True, click here for full tutorial)


5. Clay Bead Necklace
DIY-Kids-Craft-Projects-Clay-Bead-Necklace DIY-Kids-Craft-Projects-Clay-Bead-Necklace DIY-Kids-Craft-Projects-Clay-Bead-Necklace

(via Say Yes, click here for full tutorial)


6. Poured Paint Pots
DIY-Kids-Projects-Poured-Painted-Pots-Crafts-OutdoorsDIY-Kids-Projects-Poured-Painted-Pots-Crafts-Outdoors DIY-Kids-Projects-Poured-Painted-Pots-Crafts-Outdoors

(via MOONFRYE, click here for full tutorial)


7. Slingshot with Felt Ball Ammo 

DIY-Kids-Crafts-Projects-Slingshot-With-Felt-Ball-Ammo    DIY-Kids-Crafts-Projects-Slingshot-With-Felt-Ball-Ammo    DIY-Kids-Crafts-Projects-Slingshot-With-Felt-Ball-Ammo

(via And We Play, click here for full tutorial)


8. Life Size Building Blocks
DIY-Kids-Crafts-Life-Size-Building-Blocks-Newspaper-Fort   DIY-Kids-Crafts-Life-Size-Building-Blocks-Newspaper-Fort

(via MPMK, click here for full tutorial)


9. Shadow Box Portraits

DIY-Kids-Crafts-Shadow-Box-Portraits DIY-Kids-Crafts-Shadow-Box-Portraits DIY-Kids-Crafts-Shadow-Box-Portraits

(via one more mushroom, click here for full tutorial)


10. Dinosaur Fossils

DIY-Kids-Crafts-Dinosaur-Fossils-Project DIY-Kids-Crafts-Dinosaur-Fossils-Project   DIY-Kids-Crafts-Dinosaur-Fossils-Project
(via MOONFRYE, click here for full tutorial)


11. Beaded Rainbow
DIY-Kids-Crafts-Beaded-Rainbow-Childrens-Projects DIY-Kids-Crafts-Beaded-Rainbow-Childrens-Projects   DIY-Kids-Crafts-Beaded-Rainbow-Childrens-Projects

(via I can Teach my child, click here for full tutorial)


12. Electric Play Dough


(via PBS Parents, click here for full tutorial)


13. Paper Mâché Money Box
DIY-Kids-Craft-Small-Project-Paper-Mâché-Money-Box DIY-Kids-Craft-Small-Project-Paper-Mâché-Money-Box  DIY-Kids-Craft-Small-Project-Paper-Mâché-Money-Box

(via Smaller, click here for full tutorial)


14. Upcycled Inventor’s Box

(via MPMK, click here for full tutorial)


15. Cress Heads
DIY-Kids-Crafts-Spring-Activities-Cress-Heads   DIY-Kids-Crafts-Spring-Activities-Cress-Heads DIY-Kids-Crafts-Spring-Activities-Cress-Heads

(via Red Ted Art, click here for full tutorial)


 16. Animal Magnets

DIY-Kids-Crafts-Animal-Magnets-Project DIY-Kids-Crafts-Animal-Magnets-Project DIY-Kids-Crafts-Animal-Magnets-Project
(via AMBROSIA Creative, click here for full tutorial)


17. Edible Fingerpaint

DIY-Kids-Crafts-Edible-Fingerpaints-Project    DIY-Kids-Crafts-Edible-Fingerpaints-Project DIY-Kids-Crafts-Edible-Fingerpaints-Project
(via hellobee, click here for full tutorial)


18. Recycled Bird Feeder

(via babble dabble do, click here for full tutorial)


19. Water Wall

(via tinkerlab, click here for full tutorial)


20. Monster Friends

DIY-Kids-Crafts-Friends-Are-Easy-to-Make-Little-Monster-Friends-Project DIY-Kids-Crafts-Friends-Are-Easy-to-Make-Little-Monster-Friends-Project       DIY-Kids-Crafts-Friends-Are-Easy-to-Make-Little-Monster-Friends-Project

(via Instructables, click here for full tutorial)


21. Marshmallow Building
DIY-Kids-Crafts-Rainy-Day-Marshmallow-Building-Project DIY-Kids-Crafts-Rainy-Day-Marshmallow-Building-Project DIY-Kids-Crafts-Rainy-Day-Marshmallow-Building-Project

(via say yes, click here for full tutorial)


23. Paper Flower Cone Bouquets
DIY-Kids-Crafts-Paper-Flower-Cone-Bouquet-Project DIY-Kids-Crafts-Paper-Flower-Cone-Bouquet-Project   DIY-Kids-Crafts-Paper-Flower-Cone-Bouquet-Project

(via Oh Happy Day, click here for full tutorial)


24. Printing with Okra
DIY-Kids-Craft-Projects-Printing-with-Okra 6a01348801c766970c019aff534e6e970b-800wi DIY-Kids-Craft-Projects-Printing-with-Okra

(via Curly Birds, click here for full tutorial)


25. Cork Drum 

DIY-Kids-Crafts-Cork-Drums-Wooden-Drumsticks-Project DIY-Kids-Crafts-Cork-Drums-Wooden-Drumsticks-Project DIY-Kids-Crafts-Cork-Drums-Wooden-Drumsticks-Project
(via Merrythought, click here for full tutorial)


26. Glow in the Dark Slime

DIY-Kids-Crafts-Make-Glow-in-the-Dark-Slime DIY-Kids-Crafts-Make-Glow-in-the-Dark-Slime
(via The Idea Room, click here for full tutorial)


27. Milk Jug Decorative Window Crafts
DIY-Kids-Crafts-Milk-Jug-decorative-Window-Crafts-Butterflies-Project  DIY-Kids-Crafts-Milk-Jug-decorative-Window-Crafts-Butterflies-Project       DIY-Kids-Crafts-Milk-Jug-decorative-Window-Crafts-Butterflies-Project

(via Alpha Mom, click here for full tutorial)


28. Ice Color Art
DIY-Kids-Crafts-Ice-Color-Art-Project   DIY-Kids-Crafts-Ice-Color-Art-Project     DIY-Kids-Crafts-Ice-Color-Art-Project

(via Probably Crafting, click here for full tutorial)


29. Toilet Roll Dolls
DIY-Kids-Crafts-Toilet-Paper-Roll-Dolls-Project   DIY-Kids-Crafts-Toilet-Paper-Roll-Dolls-Project  DIY-Kids-Crafts-Toilet-Paper-Roll-Dolls-Project

(via A Little Learning for two, click here for full tutorial)

30. Printable Animal Finger Puppets

DIY-Kids-Crafts-Easy-Printable-Animal-Finger-Puppets DIY-Kids-Crafts-Easy-Printable-Animal-Finger-Puppets

(via Handmade Charlotte, click here for full tutorial)

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  • Palmer Alig

    Great for PJ

  • Susan

    I would love it if these multiple craft DIY projects came in “page” or “chapter” type formats so that if I wanted to go straight to craft #4 or 20 or whatever, I could jump past the others without waiting for it to load all! We love some more than others & I remember the newspaper building tubes from years ago! Ya’ll gave better instructions with these pictures!

    • Stephanie

      OK. Thanks for the tip!