Kids Crafts You Have to Try: Balloon Bowl

By on January 20, 2014
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Kids Crafts: Cheap and Easy Homemade Balloon Bowl

Looking for Cool, Cheap Kids Crafts?

Kids Crafts: Cheap and Easy Homemade Balloon Bowl

We can’t ever find enough great kids crafts.  This is one of the most entertaining tutorials that we have encountered- a quick kids craft you can make with supplies you find from your local dollar store or grocery. I saw this project, and could not believe it was that easy. We had to try it! We love it!

You likely even have these supplies at home. You get a colorful dish that makes a great decoration, and your child will be so proud to have helped make it.

Super easy to make. Just follow the instructions:

Supplies you need for a homemade balloon bowl:

  • 1 ballon
  • Confetti
  • 1 balloon
  • Glue, wallpaper paste or mod podge
  • Paint brush
  • Pie pan, cake pan or other flat, round container

Step 1:

Inflate the balloon and tie it. Put it into a container so that it is easier and sturdier to work with. Put glue on the balloon and spread it using a brush. Sprinkle the confetti all over. You can remove the balloon from the pan and hold it to add the confetti on the sides. It is recommended to cover the balloon liberally with the confetti. If you buy a bag of confetti, you will have more than enough to do this. You should actually be able to make 2 of these out of one bag of confetti.

Tip: If you really want to entertain you kids and keep them busy for hours, give them some scraps of colored paper and scissors, then have them cut the confetti. You end up with square confetti, and the bowl you make is equally cute, just different. Alternately, give them a hole punch. It really did keep my 7 year old daughter busy for almost 3 hours, morning and night, and she loved doing it.


Have your child cut confetti squares from scraps of colored paper.


Hours later, she is still cutting confetti. Perfect, free entertainment.


Add a layer of glue with a paintbrush, then sprinkle confetti on the balloon


Step 2:

Allow the balloon to dry. Once dry enough, add another layer of glue and sprinkle with more confetti.


After the first layer has dried a bit, preferably a couple of hours, cover the balloon with glue again.


After you have added more glue, add more confetti.

Tip: You can put an object like a book on top of the balloon to push your confetti bowl down to get a flatter bottom on the bowl.

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 three to four times.

Four is better. If you are like me, you be attempting to instill in your child the virtues of patience, yet again. This is a fun project to get to come back to over and over again, though.


Step 4: Pop the balloon!

(This is the fun part!) Yes, you get to pop the balloon! You should have a bowl shape with rough edges.


Easy Kids Crafts- Balloon Bowl: Just add a few layers of confetti and glue. Let dry completely and pop the ballon to get a bowl shape.


Kids Crafts: This is what the balloon bowl looks like after you pop the balloon

Step 5: Trim the edges of the bowl.

Using scissors, trim the edges of the confetti so that you have a smooth edge on your bowl. You can let your child do this with childproof scissors. They should easily cut through the glue.


Kids Crafts: Trim the edges of the confetti to make a bowl shape

Step 6: Display and Enjoy!


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