100 Creative Ways to Use Washi Tape

by Thursday, April 21, 2016

What is washi tape? I’m sure you’ve been seeing a lot of these colorful craft projects and ideas all over Pinterest. Washi tapes are cute decorative masking tape-like tapes that originated from Japan. They’re semi-transparent and can be reused since it’s removable and can be repositioned. They come in different designs and colors that’s why you can use them in tons of DIY projects!

100 Creative Ways to Use Washi Tape | http://diyready.com/100-creative-ways-to-use-washi-tape/

Washi Tape Crafts | Washi Tape Ideas

I just adore washi tapes. Those cute and colorful tapes that you can use in almost anything. I just love that it has tons of designs and sizes I can use for my craft projects. I’m sure you must have tried doing a few crafts with washi tape but in case you haven’t I’ve made an awesome list of 100 washi tape crafts and projects you can try. So get your washi tapes and try one or all of these washi tape ideas!


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100 Creative Ues For Washi Tape


1. DIY Washi Tape Pencil Pot

DIY Washi Tape Craft for Kids | http://diyready.com/100-creative-ways-to-use-washi-tape/

via Trim Craft

Here’s an easy washi tape craft the kids will love to make. Get the tutorial here.


2. Easy Washi Vase

Got an old vase? Here’s a quick fix to make it look better. Check it out here.


3. DIY Washi Page Dividers

A cool DIY project to make for school. Keep your subjects colorfully organized with this washi tape craft. Get the steps here.


4. Washi Tape Bookmarks

This is not your traditional bookmark. Check it out here.


5. DIY Food Picks

Take your toothpicks to the next level with washi tape. Your sandwich or cupcake will look more appetizing. Get the steps here.


6. $1 Dry Erase Frame

Want a cheap and easy craft project? Try this. This would be perfect for reminders and cute little notes. Get the tutorial here.


7. DIY Washi-Tape Twist

Here’s an easy way to wrap your gifts, seal it with a twisty tie! See how you can make it here.


8. DIY Pin Wheel Flowers

Teach your kids how to make crafts with washi tapes with these easy pin wheel flowers. Get the steps here.


9. Butterfly Washi Tape Craft

The perfect kids craft for Spring. Make colorful butterflies with your cute tapes. Check it out here.


10. DIY Dot Wall

Need a quick wall art decor without using paint or wall paper? See how here.


11. DIY Cord Organization

Here’s a colorful way to know which cord goes where. See it here.


12. DIY Wooden Bracelets

Make a DIY bracelet from popsicle sticks and let you little one do the decoration. Check it out here.


13. Get Words on Your Washi Tape

Here’s an easy way you can turn your ordinary washi tape to encouraging tapes. See it here.


14. DIY Pretty Cans

Would you believe this is an upcycling project from tin cans? Check it out here.


15. DIY Washi Tape Magnets

A cheap craft project the kids can make. Make cute magnets in different colors and shapes. Get the instructions here.


16. Easy Plant Marker Tutorial

Take your washi tape crafting to the garden with this DIY project. Get the steps here.


17. Washi Tape Clothespins with Magnets

Upcycle your clothespins with some washi tape. Check it out here.


18. DIY Washi Tape Geometric Heart

A heart wall decor doesn’t just have to be for Valentine’s day. See it here.


19. DIY Washi Tape Pencils

Turn your boring pencils to something more hip and chic. Get the steps here.


20. Easy Washi  Wall Art

A plain white canvas and black washi tape can help you create this easy wall hanging. Check it out here.


21.Washi Rubik Necklace

Accessorize with this faux rubik cube from washi tape. Get the tutorial here.


22. Washi Tape Gift Tassel

Make gift wrapping easier with this DIY tassel from washi tape. Get the steps here.


23. Washi Tape Word Garland

Create colorful DIY garlands for your next party. This tutorial even comes with free printables! Get it here.


24. DIY Washi Tape Monograms

An easy DIY decor that will complete any room. Get the tutorial here.


25. Simple Bookbinding Notebook DIY

Make your own DIY notebook with a little bookbinding. Get the tutorial here.


26. Herringbone Cellphone Cover

Why buy cellphone covers when you can make your own. Get the steps here.


27. Washi Tape Tea Lights

Get some tea lights and start decorating. Check it out here.


28. Washi Tape Keyboard

This may be a bit time consuming but the design will be worth it. Get the steps here.


29. Quick Flower Pot Gift

An easy gift idea you can make in minutes. Check it out here.


30. Feather Washi and Paper Earrings

Teach the kids how to make jewelry with this easy DIY earring project. Get the steps here.


31. Washi Decorated Hangers

Glam up your hangers with some colorful washi tapes. Check it out here.


32. DIY Washi Tape Cactus Wall Art

Want a perfect wall decor for your kid’s room? Try this cactus wall art. Get the steps here.


33. DIY Flower Pens

This would be a great gift idea for teachers. Get the instructions here.


34. DIY Washied Planter

Give your succulents a new home with this DIY planter. Check it out here.


35. Paint Brush Box

Give your paint brushes a new home with a crafty touch. This will be great for your pens and pencils too. Get the steps here.


36. Washi Tape Initial Pendants

Get crafty making these DIY pendants. A great gift idea for your family and friends. Check it out here.


37. Washi Tape Cups

Add more color to your party with this super easy washi tape craft. See it here.


38. DIY Photobooth Strip Scrapbook

Have a lot of photos you just lying around? Organize them by making your own DIY strip scrapbook. Get the tutorial here.


39. DIY Washi Gift Box

Create a gift box that anyone would love to keep. See it here.


40. DIY Gold Sharpie Bowl

You won’t believe this bowl was decorated with Sharpie and washi tapes. Get the steps here.


41. DIY Painted Wood Bangle Bracelets

Turn a plain and simple wood bangle bracelet into something more stylish. Check it out here.


42. Washi Tape Hair Pins

Make adorable hair pins with any design or color. Follow the steps here.


43. Washi Globe Upcycle

Tired of looking at your old globe? Make it more colorful with washi tape and some paint. Check it out here.


44. Washi Tape Light Switch

Having problems finding the light switch? Make it stand out with some colorful washi. Get the steps here.


45. DIY Word Art

Get more motivation and inspiration with this DIY word art. Get the tutorial here.


46. DIY Instagram Magnets

The perfect gift idea or souvenir for your loved ones. Check it here.


47. 5-Minute Handmade Card

Need to say something special with a card? Here’s one you can make in five minutes or less. Get the steps here.


48. DIY Washi Coat Tree

Save space and money by making this DIY coat tree from washi tape. Just brilliant! Check the tutorial here.


49. DIY Wooden Washi Tape Earrings

A little drilling and a lot of taping, and you’ve got yourself a DIY earring! Get the steps here.


50. DIY Illuminated Table Numbers

Planning a party or event? Try making this really beautiful DIY table numbers. Get the tutorial here.


51. DIY Travel Journal

This is a great way to record all your travels. Check it out here.


52. Washi Tape Kitchen Spatula

Give more color to your kitchen by adding different patterns with washi tape. See it here.


53. Washi Lantern

via Morning Creativity

Need to make easy lanterns in just minutes? Check it out here.


54. Washi Lamp

Tired of how your lamp looks? Take it a step further with some washi tape. See it here.


55. DIY Honeycomb Decal

Add a new design to your wall with this tutorial. When you get tired of it, it’s totally removable. See the tutorial here.


56. DIY Diamond Garland

Can you imagine this hanging in your bedroom? Get the steps here.


57. Washi Tape Key Covers

Covering your keys with washi tape can help you save time and effort. See it here.


58. Washi Tape Phone Chargers

Customize your phone chargers by adding colorful washi tapes. Check it out here.


59. Washi Tape Window Treatment

Check out this really cool and wasy project. Click here!


60. Last Minute Washi Clips

There are some times that we forget to get someone a gift, here’s a last minute gift idea you can try. I’m sure they’ll adore it. See it here.


61. Washi Tape Wrapping Paper

Get creative and be sure that you’ll have the right wrapping paper for any occasion. Get the steps here.


62. Snazzed Up Clipboard

Whatever your reason or purpose is, it’s always better to have a glammed up clipboard. Get the instructions here.


63. DIY Washi Tape Tray

Want cute serving trays? Make your own with this tutorial. Check it out here.


64. DIY Cute Laptop Cover

Make your laptop standout with adorable washi tape patterns. Get the steps here.


65. Washi Tape Mini Wood Pallet DIY Coasters

Add these adorable DIY coasters with craft sticks and washi tape. Get the instructions here.


66. Striped Washi Tape Frame

Need to personalize a photo frame? Do it with this DIY project. Get the tutorial here.


67. Washi Tape Pickup Sticks

Make pickup sticks and have fun with the kids. Get the instructions here.


68. Washi Tape Chopsticks

No one should ever settle for plain. Personalize your chopsticks and make it adorable. See it here.


69. Washi Tape Wine Charms

Planning your next wine party? Add this to your to-do list. See how here.


70. Washi Tape Clock

Make an ordinary clock look so much special with washi tape. Get the tutorial here.


71. Washi Tape Mani

Up for a little nail art? Try it with washi tape. You don’t even have to worry about the design. Check it here.


72. Craft Stick Dolls

Need a little craft project for your little girl? Have her make these adorable dolls. Get the steps here.


73. DIY Makeup Brushes

You don’t have to buy a set of makeup brushes to have them match. See how here.


74. Washi Staircase

Take your washi tape projects up a notch with this staircase makeover. Depending on the width, you can definitely recreate this. See it here.


75. DIY Statement Necklace

Can you believe this was made from paper clips and some tape? See how here.


76. IKEA Hack with Washi Tape

Turn a boring wooden table into something colorful. It makes it an instant eye candy. Check it out here.


77. DIY Washi Tape Clutch

A clutch bag with washi tape? You have to make it to believe it. Get the tutorial here.


78. Washi Calendar Marker

No tutorial but this is pretty straight forward. Mark your calendar with different color and shaped washi tape for easy time management. See it here.


79. Washi Heart Wall Decor

Make a pixelated heart with washi tapes. I’d like it in red or pink though. Get the steps here.


80. Washi Tape Toy Car Track

The tutorial is in a different language but I’m sure you get the gist. Use different colored washi tapes to create a car track for your little boy’s toy cars. See it here.


81. Ceiling Fun

The tutorial calls for painting masking tape but since we have washi tape, you can skip a few steps. Check it out here.


82. Upcycled Mint Tins

Make cute storage for anything you can fit in it. Get the steps here.


83. DIY Decorated Candle

Candles will look so much prettier with some washi tape. It’s a great gift idea for friends and family. Get the instructions here.


84. DIY Sunny Wreath

Need something beautiful to hang in your front door this Spring? Make this easy DIY wreath from washi tape and upcycled items. Get the steps here.


85. Washi Tape Lego Duplo

Have serious fun with lego duplo and washi tape. Check it out here.


86. DIY Washi Tape Shelf

Grab some washi tapes and update your boring plain shelf. See it here.


87. Bird House Lamp

A great DIY lamp for a little girl’s room. Get the tutorial here.


88. Washi Tape Mousepad

Can’t seem to find the right design for your mousepad, make your own with some washi tape. Check it out here.


89. Washi Makeup Brush Holder

Glam up your makeup brush holder with some colorful washi tape. See it here.


90. Washi Chalkboard

Two of my favorite thing in one craft project. Get the steps here.


91. Washi Tape Bike Helmet

Can’t find a bike helmet that screams your personality? See how you can make it here.


92. Embellished Stationery

Make your stationery all the more special with some washi tape embellishment. Get the tutorial here.


93. DIY Lamp from Cardboard and Washi Tape

Who says lamps have to be expensive? Get the instructions here.


94. Washi Tape Mirror Frame

Is your teen asking for a new mirror? Try this trick I’m sure she’ll love. Get the tutorial here.


95. Snake Craft

Let your kids have some fun with toilet paper rolls and washi tape. Check it out here.


96. Washi Tape Bows

Learn how to make the perfect bow for all your gift wrapping needs. Get the steps here.


97. Washi Tape Crytal Pebble Magnets

Create elegant magnets with washi tapes and crystal pebbles. Get the tutorial here.


98. Washi Tape DIY Headboard

If you don’t want to spend hours making your own headboard, make one with washi tapes instead. Get the steps here.


99. DIY Envelope with Washi Tape

You’ll never buy envelope after this tutorial. Check it out here.


100. Washi Tape Chore Chart

An ingenious idea parents can try. Assigning chores will never be a problem. See it here.


Did you enjoy our list of washi tape crafts? Let us know in the comments section below what your thoughts are on these washi tape ideas. Do you have any other craft ideas you’d like to share? Share it with us and we’ll give it a try.

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